Facts About Dog Food: Raw Dog Food, Dietary Concerns, Functions, And Threats

Today, the dog food diet is a serious concern. Dogs come with an intuitive carnivorous bias to capture and eat other mammals. Raw feeding is their inborn nature. It’s quite normal. Dog specialists create a raw dog food diet based on a dog’s natural ancestral menu. It seems insipid but truly normal for canines to eat the entire animal.

A raw dog food diet is questionable but raw feeding has not stopped, yet increasing day by day. In general, raw dog diets comprise raw meats, bones, organs, fruits, vegetables, and more. Racing greyhounds and sled dogs were fed raw diets for a long time. The concept of raw feeding was recommended by Australian veterinarian Ian Billinghurst in 1933. From then, raw feeding is being used for the family pet doggies. Ian Billinghurst named the raw food diet ‘BARF diet’. The full form of the BARF is Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.

The Ancestral Diet Compared to Dry Kibble:

There is no controversy over dry-baked pellets or dog foods. The dry kibbles are convenient and have a higher nutrient profile.

Nutrients           Ancestral diet      Dry dog food

Carbohydrates          14%                  46-74%

Protein                      56%                  18-32%

Fat                           25-30%              8-22%

Billinghurst advised knowing what puppies ate before petting them. He suggested feeding raw meats, bones, vegetable grains to dogs. Commercial dog foods affect dogs’ health. Anyway, raw dog food diets have both advantages and disadvantages on the health of dogs. In some veterinary bulletins, the drawbacks of raw feeding have been disseminated. Expert veterinarians argue for raw feeding. 

The Benefits Of A Raw Dog Food Diet:

  • Help dogs to improve digestive system
  • Shinier coats
  • Help to produce firmer and smaller stools
  • Provide a healthier skin
  • Reduced allergy symptoms
  • Cleaner teeth
  • Higher energy levels
  • Improves better weight management

Many veterinary journals have reported that raw dog foods have a higher nutrient profile and improved health benefits than commercial food products.

The Potential Risks Of A Raw Dog Food Diet:

  • Raw dog food diets are less convenient than dog kibble. It is not the only issue. A raw dog food diet is prone to bacterial contamination. Raw meats contain various harmful bacteria especially Salmonella and E. coli that impact the health of a dog. These microbes generate food-borne illnesses in canines. This is because the digestive structure of a dog is fairly small and more mordant. Usually, the caretaker of the dog often remains at risk of food-borne diseases in contact with the dog. But sufficient handling, care, and maintenance can reduce the risk of diseases.
  • If dogs used to consume raw foods for a long period, the unbalanced diet badly impacts the dog’s health.
  • Dogs have a risk of breaking teeth or resulting in an inner break when choking the whole bones of animals.

You can find the diversity of frozen or freeze-dried processed commercial dog foods in the market or on various online platforms. Though raw dog foods have a couple of health risks, raw foods are better than commercially processed foods.

Raw Dog Foods
Raw Dog Food

You can make a combo diet for your pet using a mixture of grains, fruits, vegetables, vitamins, meats, and so on. It is more savory and healthy than other foods. Some grocery stores also sell combo diets for dogs. You will get raw dog food recipes and meal guidance on the book of Billinghurst.

A Raw Dog Food Diet:

A raw dog food diet may include various foods-

  • Muscle, raw meat
  • Raw eggs
  • Meaty bones (whole or ground)
  • Different vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, celery, etc.
  • Various organ meats like kidneys and livers
  • Fruits especially apples
  • Dairy products (yogurt)

For most animals, raw food diets are more useful than processed foods. Raw food diets are often pricey and the cost depends on the ingredients used to make the diet. You can find the commercially ready raw chicken diet at a price range of $2.5 to $5. Whereas the super premium well-known dry dog food has a cost of $1.

Some Useful Tips To Prevent Your Dog From Foodborne Illness Due To Consuming Raw Foods:

Raw dog foods carry various harmful bacterial contaminants that may lead to food-borne illness to not only dogs but also the caretaker of the dog. If you decide to feed raw foods to your pet dog, you have to take the risk of spreading foodborne diseases through Salmonella, E. coli, and L. monocytogenes.

The bacteria can contaminate food and eventually enter the mouth. Suppose you accidentally ingest the touch of bacteria when preparing a meal for your pet. The contact of bacteria to your hand or clothing may spread the contamination to others including people, surfaces, or objects. So, you should be more careful when preparing a raw food diet for your dog. With this in mind, we are going to talk about some important tips to prevent your pet and yourself from bacterial contamination.

Here are the tips-

  • When preparing a meal for your diet, you better wear a face mask and gloves on your hands. After the preparation, rinse your hands properly with soapy water for more than 20 seconds. Don’t forget to clean the touched surfaces when handling raw foods. You can be contaminated by the surfaces also. So, properly clean the messy surfaces like countertops, inside the freeze, and microwave. Also, wash the possible dusty objects including kitchen utensils, cutting boards, feeding bowls, or containers.
  • You should properly clean and disinfect all possible contaminated surfaces that come in touch with raw dog foods. For cleaning, you may use hot water and soaps. Then must use a disinfectant for disinfecting the surfaces thoroughly. You can make a solution with water, bleach (1 tablespoon), and quart (4 cups). It works as a beneficial disinfectant. You can make a larger store of disinfectant remedy using bleach (¼ cup) and water (1 gallon). After preparing the solution, pour it into a large spray bottle. Run the disinfectant solution through the contaminated surfaces. Never forget to clean the surfaces first.

You need to know the distinction between cleaning and disinfecting.

Cleaning is the method of reducing bacterial microbes from objects. You can use either soapy water or detergent for this purpose. It removes invisible germs and dirts from the surfaces. But it doesn’t kill the germs entirely. It may lower the counts of germs and the threat of spreading viri.

Raw Dog Food Articals

On the other hand, disinfecting is the procedure of eradicating infectious germs entirely using powerful chemicals like bleach. Bleach is an effective disinfectant agent that acts quickly. Before disinfecting you should clean the surfaces first.

Keep the raw foods like meats, meat products, poultry products, eggs in a deep freezer. Use them when you need them. Before refrigerating or microwaving thaw the products properly. Never leave the raw foods empty on your countertop or sink. It can spread infections very soon.

  • You have to properly handle raw and frozen poultry and meat products. Never wash these products in contact with other items. Avoid rinsing meats, fish, poultry, and seafood. The bacteria in the raw food liquids can spread infectious germs to other food items.
  • Maintain a distance of raw foods from other food items. Store them separately.
  • Don’t keep the leftover raw foods here and there. Restore the leftover foods that your dog doesn’t eat in the refrigerator again. Never forget to thaw them safely.
  • You can also make a combo diet for your favorite puppy. If you use raw foods for the diet, maintain the proper internal cooking temperature. In that case, you can use a food thermometer for measuring the temperature. When you maintain the internal cooking temperature properly, it will kill poisonous bacteria like L. monocytogenes, Salmonella, E. Coli, and more.
  • We often kiss our beloved pets. It’s a big mistake. Avoid kissing around the mouth of the pet especially when it has finalized eating raw foods. If you kiss on the mouth of your dog, you can be infected with germs. Never allow your dog to beat your skin.
  • Make sure you are washing your hands after touching or kissing your pets. Keep your pets neat and clean always. Get a hot shower of your pet after 2 days. Keep in mind to wash the feeding bowls regularly.

This is all about the following tips you should obey to prevent both you and your pets from bacterial contamination. No matter what foods you are using to feed your dog, you should always follow the instructions. Keep you and your pets safe always. Overall, your proper maintenance, care, and handling can solve all your problems.


If you have a pet canine, you should know some important facts including dog foods, dietary concerns, benefits and risks of raw foods, and more. This article is all about the facts. Here, you will get much more information about the important factors of dogs and their maintenance. Keep reading the article and make a safe environment for your pet dog. Also, save you from bacterial contamination. I hope you are gonna love this guide.

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